what is eyebrow microbladingThey’re all over social media, you’ve seen them around town but where are they coming from? Yes, we’re talking about those perfectly shaped brows. The beauty industry’s obsession with brows is at an all-time high and we know what to thank – microblading! You may have heard of it but really, what is eyebrow microblading? Look no further because we’ve broken down everything you need to know about microblading below.

What Is Eyebrow Microblading?

Eyebrow microblading is a semi-permanent makeup service that enhances eyebrow shape and color. A microblading artist maps out the shape of eyebrows on the clients face beforehand to plan out how the brows will look. Then, they use a special tool called a microblading pen filled with pigment to make small hair-like strokes to fill in the brows. The microblading tool is similar to a tattooing tool to put these hair-like strokes under the skin, but microblading is not permanent. This procedure typically lasts about 2 years.  

Before Microblading

Before you receive eyebrow microblading, there are a few things to remember. Chemical peels and laser peels should be not be performed during the 60 days before your service. Two weeks before, you should avoid retinols, tanning beds and botox/fillers. Typically, three days out from your microblading procedure, you should avoid waxing tweezing or tinting around your brows. In the 24 hours leading up to the service, alcohol or caffeine should not be consumed, as well as aspirin, ibuprofen and fish oil.   

Micorblading After-Care

After the microblading procedure, you’ll dive into the recovery process. Immediately after receiving microblading, you are advised against working out, going swimming or going into a sauna. Added moisture can extremely affect the desired outcome. It’s important to let the brows breathe while healing, too. Gently blotting them can alleviate itchiness and help ensure scabs don’t form on the brows.

The brows may become very dark and may become itchy and flake. It’s important to just leave the brows alone. It can take 4-6 weeks for microbladed brows to heal completely. This is around the time when the microblading touch-up should be scheduled. The touch-up is the microblading artist’s chance to fix up any strokes that faded or any areas that need work. After the touch-up, you’ll need to go through the healing process once again.

Microblading Training

Now let’s talk about the other important piece to the “what is eyebrow microblading?” puzzle: the microblading artist! A few things go into becoming a microblading artist. One must receive their bloodborne pathogen certification and their microblading certification to be a certified microblading professional. There are a variety of microblading certification courses but they typically last 2-4 days. They usually begin as a lecture-style class about microblading history and procedure. Then, practice begins on a skin-like material guided by the instructor. After that, most reputable courses include 1-2 live models for real microblading practice.      

Microblading takes normal brows and makes them beautiful brows. From the preparation, the procedure and the aftercare, microblading is a complex process that leaves more lasting results than other eyebrow fixes. You now have the knowledge to jump into the beautiful world of microblading – and when you run across the question “what is eyebrow microblading?” you’ll have the answer!