Sticker Brow Ruler



Golden Ratio Measurements
Pack of 20

Our disposable sticker brow ruler has been designed to guide each artist to exercise the artistic approach. Measurements are provided for where the head, arch, and tail of the brow should begin and end, but we understand that every client and brow is uniquely different. These rulers are tailored to assist you in measuring and creating the perfect look for each client. They back of each ruler is sticky to ensure precise measurement, as well.

Ink Defined Method

  1. Place Ruler on the forehead 1 inch away from the highest part of the brow with the center of ruler lined with the center of the desired new brows.
  2. Use your wax pencil to create a line in the middle of the eyebrows. Use the center of the nose and the 0 on the ruler as a guide.
  3. Mark where the head of the brow will begin.
  4. Next, you’ll mark where the arch will be located.
  5. Check the ruler to ensure the arch is between 4 and 5-inch mark, which is advised.
  6. Create a line from the outer corner of the nose and outer corner of the eye. Make a mark at the brow. This will be where the brow ends.
  7. The brow should end around the 7-inch mark.
  8. Create a line from there over to the end of the brow. The end of the brow may end above the line but never below.