Brow Scissors



Stainless Steel
Anti Rust

These stainless-steel brow scissors can be used repeatedly with no sign of rust! This means they can last forever! Yes, please! And, you won’t want to replace them because they will be one of your keys to efficiency. They fit, oh so, comfortably in your hand making it a must have microblading product.

Tool Decontamination:

It is important that all reusable tools are properly decontaminated. This will avoid spreading eye infections. Be sure to check with your local health department for your state rules and regulations regarding decontamination. Every state is different.


Cleaning: Warm water and soap eliminates surface particles.

Sanitizing: Alcohol will reduce bacteria.

Disinfecting: Barbicides or Germicides reduce or eliminates bacteria to a safe level.

Sterilizing: High heat kills all living organisms on non-porous, hard surfaces.