Microblading Pricing | How Much Should I Charge for Microblading?

Microblading pricing can make or break your microblading business. What you charge for microblading will vary depending on your skill level and location. We recommend putting time into researching the best price for your service. Remember, microblading isn’t just financially rewarding, the gratification of changing peoples lives is the best reward of all. We’re changing lives one brow at a time!

Microblading Skill Level

Your skill level is the first thing you should consider when determining microblading pricing. Some artist’s offer discounted or free model services to perfect their craft prior to taking full price clients. The best way to improves to practice and get feedback. Doing so will help you grow into the artist you are destined to become. No matter where you are be sure to take your experience into account when you determine a price for your services. As your experience increases, your price can as well. Remember, that you are charging for the time you’ve invested in learning and perfecting your skill, not just for products and time you used for the actual appointment.

Microblading Location

Where you’re located has a lot to do with what clients are willing to pay. A service in a big city on the East Coast will generally cost more than a small town in the Midwest. Market research is key to determining the competition in your area. Supply and demand is important to know for the services you offer. Look to see what other artists in your area are charging. Establishing a competitive price will entice potential clients to book with you instead of your competitor. The beauty industry is competitive, so staying on top of the game in every way is imperative to your success.

With a little research, you will on your way to great success!