microblading eyebrows before and afterWe have a confession to make – we’re addicted to looking at microblading before and after pictures. Like so many women, we want to know what we’re getting into before we open our wallets. You can get an idea of what eyebrows you want and gain more confidence about microblading your eyebrows. Also, we don’t have to tell you about the sweet satisfaction of a fresh pair of snatched eyebrows.

As an ode to our love of microblading before and after pictures, we’ve put together a list of our top favorite before and after photos that will get you inspired and make you say #eyebrowgamestrong.

Golden Rule Salon

We’re starting top microblading eyebrows before and after pics with these snatched brows! Technician Laura shaped and shaded this beauties’ brows to perfection. If you’re interested in a similar eyebrow transformation, check out the services at the Golden Rule Salon.

microblading eyebrows before and after

Credit: @lovely.by.laura

Giavana Marie’s Aesthetic

We are in brow love with Giavana’s work! There’s not a brow out of place on this beauty babe’s face. Even better, couple these beautiful brows with a set of thick eyelash extensions is a match made in heaven. Ultimately, you can check out more of Giavana’s work at @giavanamariesaesthetics.

microblading eyebrows before and after

Credit: @giavanamariesaesthetic

Ink Defined

The arch. The shape. The shading. We can’t get enough of this eyebrow transformation! Take a moment to check out @inkdefinedstudio_sedona feed, then head over to Ink Defined Studio to set up an appointment for your own brow glow up.

microblading eyebrows before and after

Credit: @inkdefinedstudio_sedona

Boss Brow

We know a lot of you gals prefer a natural everyday look. These are the perfect brows for on-the-go women who desire a put together look without the tedious upkeep. In fact, your friends and family will never know that you’ve had your eyebrows microbladed. In that case, you can get this fluffy, natural boss look at Boss Brow in Seattle.

microblading eyebrows before and after

Credit: @boss_brow_seattle

Cavas Expressions

We don’t say this often, but these eyebrows are on fleek! These eyebrows definitely make a statement — mission accomplished. We can’t get over the shape and shading that the ladies at @cavasexpressions performs.

microblading eyebrows before and after

Credit: @cavasexpressions

Brow Envy Ohio

Can you believe these microbladed eyebrows?  There’s no need to be envious of these eyebrows! In fact, you can get your brows done by permanent makeup artist @browenvyjillian at Brow Envy Ohio. Put those waking up brow-less days behind you.

microblading eyebrows before and after

Credit: @browenvyjillian

Sahar Artistry

You’ve heard of eyebrow microblading, but have you seen ombré eyebrows? We’re a fan of these manicured eyebrows. Check out more of these ombré eyebrows by technician @sahar.artistry.

microblading eyebrows before and after

Credit: @sahar.artistry

Ellen Elizabeth Beauty

In reality, you don’t need a morning routine for these neat and tidy microbladed eyebrows. Girl boss and eyebrow technician @ellenelizabethbeauty has a steady hand and a good eye for these sleek brows.

microblading eyebrows before and after

Credit: @ellenelizabethbeauty

Happy Nails and Lashes

Microblading isn’t just for women! Plenty of men microblade their eyebrows for a fresh, and tamed look. Just check out these brows by @microblading_eyelashextension.

microblading eyebrows before and after

Credit: @microblading_eyelashextesnsion

Refined Beauty Cosmetics

It doesn’t take much to transform your eyebrows. It only takes a set of bold and beautiful brows done by @refinebeautycosmtics to get exactly what you need to enhance your natural beauty.

microblading eyebrows before and after

Credit: @refinedbeautycosmetics

Inspired to get some brows that stay? As a semi-permanent procedure, microblading lasts anywhere from one to three years, depending on the aftercare! Can you imagine waking up every day looking like the after in these microblading eyebrows before and afters? We can.