How to start a microblading businessYou are ready to start creating the brows of your clients’ dreams…but you may be wondering how to start a microblading business from scratch. Look no further. Here at Ink Defined, it’s our mission to equip all the members of our girl gang with the tools necessary to create a successful microblading career. Starting a microblading business is no easy task but we’ve broken it down step-by-step so you can hit the ground running.

When you find yourself wondering how to start a microblading business, follow these steps!

Attend a Microblading Training

Just in case you’re coming into this at the very beginning, make sure to a attend a microblading training course before starting your microblading business. Find a course with live models to practice on and instructors that are knowledgeable about the microblading industry. Also, look for courses that offer a certification. This way, it’s more official when you create your microblading business. Visit our other blog post to learn more about what to look for in a microblading program.

Pick A Business Name

It may seem like a simple but selecting your business’s name is crucial as you start filing your paperwork and begin your branding. Select a name that captures your personality but also makes sense for the work you’ll be doing. Do a Google search of the name you want to choose and see what comes up. You don’t want to decide on something that’s already taken. At this time, you can also obtain the social media accounts and website for your business name.

Build A Business Plan

All great businesses start with a business plan, and microblading businesses are no different. This is the time to get your finances in order and evaluate how much you’ve invested, will invest and what kind of return you’ll want to receive with your business. Asses what competitors’ costs are, what you’ll want to charge, and how much each microblading session will cost you. How much are microblading supplies? Will you need a loan? Do you have a savings set up to start the business? Do you have monthly/quarterly/yearly goals to hit? These are some of the questions to answer at this time.  

State & County Licenses

This part is the first major step to offically creating your business. You will need to register your business within your state and county. Different states require different licenses for different types of business. Research what kind of licenses are needed and obtain the appropriate ones for your type of business.


A microblader’s ultimate secret weapon is her microblading tools! You probably discovered a few tools you like in your course but with a business, you’ll need a much larger quantity of supplies. This is a good time to do your research on where you will want to get your microblading supplies from. Tools you’ll need: microblading pens, alcohol prep pads, numbing cream, brow brushes and most important, pigments. This is also the time to figure out where you’ll be microblading, what kind of lights you’ll want use, and the bedding for your clients to lay on.

Scheduling Platform

Decide on a scheduling platform or tool that clients can use to book an appointment with you. Whether it’s your own personal calendar in your planner or on your phone or an actual tool online, this is an important part of your business. As you grow, you’ll want to get a more formal system. Search “online scheduling software” to see what tool would work best for you.


Most microblading businesses thrive on marketing to attract new clientele. Start with your own community first. Tell your mom, tell your friends, tell your mom’s friends – don’t be shy to spread the word about your new business. Share on your personal social feeds and start posting on your business’s social media feed. One thing that is a big deciding factor? Before and after photos. Capture your work and share it with the world. Also, consider creating a website and spending a little bit of money on social media ads.

Don’t fret when you’re wondering how to start a microblading business. Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to creating dreamy brows for your clients and a fulfilling career for yourself.