How to Become a Certified Microblading TechnicianWhat if we told you that you can turn your passion into a career? No, we’re not magicians, but we do know the ins and outs of the microblading industry and that’s kind of the same thing, right? Since you’ve been wondering how to become a certified microblading technician, we gathered our top three tips to help you dive into this exciting and artistic industry.

How to Become a Certified Microblading Technician

Do your program research

Wondering how to become a certified microblading technician? Start with finding an extensive certification program! The best way to start is by doing your research. Search for microblading courses in your area. Keep an eye out for everything the program entails and what certification you will be getting. Research the company and instructors to get a feel for how reliable and experienced they are. Reviews are always helpful to refer to. It may also be helpful to reach out to your social media community to search for past students and get referrals from friends. The price tag is something many use as a way to determine which course they will take as well. Look at what each course offers, sometimes a higher price tag could be more worthwhile if you are able to use live models, take home instruction manuals, etc.

Get a bloodborne pathogen certificate

You will need to obtain a bloodborne pathogen certificate in order to become a certified microblading technician. To achieve your certification, you need to purchase a course (typically online) and work through the modules and take the test. The test is designed and required for anyone who can come into contact with blood or other bodily fluids in the workplace. The course teaches how bloodborne pathogens are spread, how to avoid harmful exposure and what to do if exposure happens. These courses are typically no more than $30. It can be very informative as you’re embarking on this new journey into the world of permanent makeup.

Attend your microblading certification course

You’ve done your research, selected a program and received your bloodborne pathogen certification, now it’s time to learn, learn, learn! Attend an in-person microblading course to get the best education possible. Typically microblading training starts with lecture-style teachings then move into actual practice. Take plenty of notes during these teachings for something to refer back to. Don’t be shy, ask your instructors any questions you may have. This is the time to get your questions answered and to practice your craft. Once you move into actual microblading practice, you’ll typically start on a skin-like material. Then if it’s a really good course, you’ll move on to live models for practice.

When you’re wondering how to become a certified microblading technician refer to the steps above. From attending a microblading program to getting your bloodborne pathogen certification, each step brings you closer to becoming a microblading technician and kicking off the career of your dreams!