Microblading is one of the hottest new trends hitting the beauty scene these days. And, if you’re anything like us, you’ve scoured the internet browsing pictures of before and after transformations, until you’ve reached that ‘aha’ moment and are ready to take the plunge.

But are these ready-to-go eyebrows worth the hype? Undoubtedly, you’ve asked yourself at least once “How much does microblading cost for eyebrows?” Don’t worry, beauty babes, we’re here to breakdown the price of microblading, and what you should expect to pay for the perfect set of eyebrows.

How Much Does Microblading Cost For Eyebrows?

Let’s not sugarcoat it! Microblading your eyebrows is going to cost you a pretty penny or two, but the results are worth every cent.

The average cost of eyebrow microblading is about $500. In addition, the cost for eyebrow maintenance and touch-ups can range from $100-$300. Depending on your financial situation, this price tag may be a little daunting. However, before you’re tempted to hit the hills running, we’ve broken down the factors that go into microblading prices.

Remember, you are not paying for the lashes, but the technician’s skills and time.

Skill Level

First and foremost, you must consider the skill level of your technician. Because this service is fairly new in the beauty industry, there are only a handful of technicians who have experience working with several tens or hundreds of clients. We don’t know about you, but for something that’s going onto our face, we would rather spend the extra money to ensure that an experienced individual is performing this service.

Additionally, a studio may offer a discounted or free service for trainees to practice microblading your eyebrows. Trainees are supervised and under the guidance of a more experienced technician. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for so don’t be afraid to splurge on this treatment.


Your location has everything to do with the price of eyebrow microblading! Services in NYC, or any other big city, will generally cost more than a small town in the Midwest. In this case, shop around your area and see what studios are charging for their services.

Touch Up

Touch ups aren’t a necessary expense, but if you want your manicured eyebrows to stay full for an extended period of time, this service is a must. Most studios will suggest receiving a touch-up every three, six, and twelve months. These intermittent touch-ups will run anywhere from $100 to $300. The more work the technician must do to return your previously snatched eyebrows to their former glory, the more expensive the price tag.

Keep in mind that there are steps that you can take to increase the lifespan of your eyebrows so frequent touch-ups aren’t necessary.

So, how much does microblading cost for eyebrows? The short answer is that it varies.

Factors like the technician skill level, location, and touch up frequency should be taken into consideration. Do your research and we can guarantee that you won’t regret investing in your dream set of eyebrows. In the end, we’ll let you make the decision.