How Long Does Microblading Last?You know having a bold brow is more important than ever – which is why filling in brows has become a staple in the morning beauty routine of many. But, microblading is helping women like you get that ready-to-wear brow look even when you’ve just woken up! But, before going through with this service, you may be wondering how long does microblading last? Learn all the inside scoop on this semi-permanent makeup process below.

How Long Does Microblading Last?

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that typically can last one year but it’s possible to last up to three years. A microblading pen is filled with pigment and then used to penetrate the dermis, the inner layer of the skin, to create soft hair-like strokes. 

A microblading artist fills in areas of the brows that need more shaping. Because it is located in the dermis, blood platelets begin to stick together almost immediately to aid the skin in the healing process. After, the body begins treating this as an injury and sends in what we like to call, an internal cleanup crew. Dead tissue and bacteria are cleaned out. While the skin is healing this way, it’s important to not scratch or touch the brows in order to not pull out the pigment. Over the next few days after receiving the treatment, new collagen help forms new connective tissue. Myofibroblasts group the edges and slowly contract in to help shrink the wound. During the final stage of healing (about 8-14 days after the service) cells no longer needed die off and new collagen forms.

After fully healing, this is when the microblading touch-up usually takes place. This is the microblading artist’s chance to fill in any areas that faded during the healing. The healing process starts over once again after the touch-up.

During the time of both healings, there a few actions that can affect how long your microbladed brows will last.   

What Can Affect Your Microbladed Brow Lifespan

Post-microblading aftercare is a huge factor concerning how long microblading will last. Proper aftercare is crucial, especially in the first week after treatment. Avoid working out or other strenuous activities on the day of the treatment. Sweaty skin may not take to the pigment as well. Swimming, saunas or any other water activities should be avoided for the first week after the service. Water can cause fading or disrupt the healing process. Avoid makeup on the brows during the first week, too. It’s important to let the brows breathe so they can heal properly. Letting the brows heal properly allows the pigment to absorb and last.

Other factors that can affect how long microblading lasts can be your skin type. Oily skin or dry skin can take to the pigment differently. Also, your lifestyle can be a factor. A super active lifestyle vs. sedentary lifestyle may affect how long your brows last.

Everyone wants their brows to last but some may not know the duration of microbladed brows. A lot goes into that answer but a huge factor is following the aftercare plan, which can help your brows reach their maximum lifespan. Now when you’re asked, “How long does microblading last?” you’ll have the answer.