behind the ink

Behind the Ink

In this fast paced, crazy world, we often become distracted from the incredible things that together, create beauty. Ink Defined believes that creativity is the core of the beauty industry. By giving you the proper microblading education and tools, you can step behind the ink and be unstoppable!

Ink defined is building a community of creatives to help evolve the beauty industries standards, setting the mold and stencil aside and giving our artists the freedom and opportunity to create using their very own artistic approach. We want to give you the tools and educational foundation you need to customize and design each and every set of brows!

Tell your clients to say hello to effortless confidence!







Ink defined offers state of the art education courses that are like no other. Our goal is to provide professionals like yourself with the skills, supplies, and support needed to become the best artist possible through our training course. Our team focuses on creating a learning environment that combines organization, professionalism, and also some fun. The curriculum that our experienced team has created is the most in depth and hands on in the industry. Touching on even the smallest details in our microblading training and professional microblading supplies, we will submerse you in the world of permanent makeup.

With years of experience in the beauty industry, we are able to present this curriculum in a way that works for visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learners, alike. Our teaching technique enables everyone to learn not only the basics of microblading, but also the secrets of the industry. Our educational training courses come equipped with an extensive illustrated manual of over 100 pages and a complementary master ink artist kit- valued at over $750! You won’t want to miss this, we promise!





What if we told you that each of our customers was just as important to us as the rest of our community? We believe in supporting artists in their journeys. Our customers and their orders are at the top of our priority list. We put time, effort, love, and detail into each of our products and individual orders.  Each product has been tested and refined, because we won’t accept less than perfect for community of creatives. That’s why we also offer Free Standard Shipping on all US orders over $175, with just a small fee of $12 for orders under! That’s right, the highest quality microblading supplies, no hassle shipping and returns, and the best customer service imaginable. Let us show you your new home in the industry. Together, we will take on the beautiful world of microblading.

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